Adaptations in Progress

  • For girls 14 to 18 who have not yet graduated high school: Girls - Flip the Script with EAAA™ program is currently being evaluated (Public Health Agency of Canada funding). For more information, vist the Girls Resist Project.
  • For Francophone university students: A French translation (BÉRA) developed using Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funding is being evaluated by a team led by Dr. Isabelle Daigneault (Université de Montréal).
  • For trans university students: A team led by Dr. Sarah Peitzmeier (University of Michigan) has completed foundational research for this adaptation (Centres for Disease Control funding). Funding is currently being sought to complete and evaluate the adaptation.
  • Internet Facilitated EAAA (IDEA3): Drs. Peitzmeier and Senn have created an adaptation for live delivery of EAAA online. A randomized controlled trial evaluating whether this version of the program is as effective as the original (in-person) version is currently underway (CIHR funding).
  • For young men in university: In parallel to the SARE Centre’s work, Dr. Alan Berkowitz, Sarah Deatherage-Rauzin, and Dr. Lindsay Orchowski, are seeking funding to evaluate a similar format program for young men in university.