Selected Implementation Sites

Where in the World is Flip the Script with EAAA™?

Below are a selection of the universities/colleges offering the Flip the Script with EAAA™ program (contact information provided). 

Please zoom in on the map for exact locations.

If you don’t see your local university/college on this page and want to check if they are offering Flip the Script with EAAA please ask them directly or contact us to find out.

SARE Centre Branch

University of Windsor, CANADA

The University of Windsor's Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support (OSVPRS) offers Flip the Script with EAAA™ as part their campus-wide sexual violence strategy (Prevent. Resist. Support.). The OSVPRS conducted a successful three-year pilot implementation of Flip the Script with EAAA™ from 2017-2020. In 2022, with return to campus, they were able to reinstate Flip the Script with EAAA™ as part of their regular educational programming..

For more information, please reach out to the Campus Trainers, Anne Rudzinski and Dusty Johnstone or visit the website at

St. Clair College, CANADA

As of 2022, the St. Clair College Sexual Violence Prevention is pleased to offer the Flip the Script with EAAA™ program to female-identifying students. The program is peer-led by St. Clair Students and is offered in an inclusive and welcoming space.

For more information, please visit St. Claris' Sexual Violence Prevention web page or email

Naval Air Station, Fleet and Family Support Centre, PENSACOLA

Ms. Tina Vaughn-Wardle and Ms. Portal receiving an award for their initiative.

Tina Vaughn-Wardle and Lauren Portal demonstrated exceptional initiative, dedication, and innovation in introducing the Enhanced, Assess, Acknowledge, Act sexual assault prevention program onboard Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida from July 2022 to date. The program targets first tour female Sailors attending training at the Naval Air Technical Training command providing them the skills and confidence to reduce their risk of sexual assault. Collaborating with Naval Aviation Schools Command, Ms. Vaughn-Wardle and Ms. Portal trained junior officers waiting to begin flight training to deliver the evidence-based program. The twelve-hour program has been demonstrated to significantly reduce the risk of sexual assault in multiple research based studies. While the program is in a pilot stage, the goal is to validate its effectiveness and expand the implementation to our Navy installations to build a sustainable program of sexual assault prevention. Ms. Vaughn-Wardle's and Ms. Portal's actions reflect great credit upon themselves, the United States Navy, and the Department of Defense. 

The United States Air Force Academy, USA

In 2019, the Flip the Script with EAAA™ program was offered to 1st year female cadets at the United States Air Force Academy as part of a research project to test the program’s efficacy. Delivery of the program was suspended during the pandemic but resumed in the fall of 2021.

For more information about this research, please contact Dr. Kimberly Dickman

North Shore Women's Centre, CANADA

At the North Shore Women's Centre, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, we've been serving women and girls in our community for over 50 years. We're dedicated to improving the social, economic, legal and political status of women, and encourage and support self-empowerment by acting as a resource and a catalyst for change, from feminist perspectives. 

The North Shore Women's Centre was the first licensed provider of Flip the Script with EAAATM in British Columbia and were given a lightly adapted version of the program for high school students. Through our partnership with the SARE Centre, we modified the program for our local context to ensure relevance and have been running very popular sessions in community centres and churches since 2018. After being featured in the Globe and Mail, the demand for our programs grew, and we received a federal grant to hire additional staff and expand our program to high schools throughout Vancouver and Vancouver Island. We are currently working with local school boards and will be offering Flip the Script with EAAATM as part of the local high school curriculum in some schools on the North Shore for the 2023-2024 school year. For more information, visit our website or contact Oreofeoluwa at or Yasmin at

California State University at Long Beach, USA

California State University at Long Beach will begin offering Flip the Script with EAAA™ to undergraduates in Spring 2023 as part of a comprehensive sexual assault prevention initiative run by Not Alone at the Beach.

For more information about the Flip the Script with EAAA™ program at CSULB, please contact

Stanford University, USA

In the spring of 2018, Stanford University began offering the Flip the Script with EAAA™ program to undergraduate women as part of a pilot, with an eye to implementing the program more broadly in subsequent years. This is one piece of a comprehensive strategy undertaken at Stanford to reduce sexual violence and harassment on that campus.

For more information, please contact Carley Jaskulski, Director of Prevention Education for Students in the SHARE Title IX Office. You can also read about the Flip the Script with EAAA™ program in the news at Stanford at PaltoAltoOnline

Maastricht University, MAASTRICHT

Maastricht University in the Netherlands was the first university in Europe to offer Flip the Script with EAAA™ program to undergraduate women as a pilot in 2020 and 2021. As of February 2024, Flip the Script with EAAA™ will be offered as part of the university-wide Sexual Safety Programme. 

For more information, please reach out to the Sexual Safety Programme manager (

University of Otago, NEW ZEALAND

New Zealand’s University of Otago was the first university outside of North America to pilot EAAA. They are currently delivering the program to a group of first year students.

For more information contact Te Whare Tāwharau.

Monash University, AUSTRALIA

Monash was the first University in Australia to implement the Flip the Script with EAAA™ program for women students at their Clayton campus from 2019. The program is a critical component of the University's diverse and comprehensive prevention strategy to reduce sexual harm and violence on-campus.

For more information, please reach out to the Campus Trainers through the Respectful Communities.